What will you find in this site?

   The site consists of several subpages:
1. HPP List
   Here a full list of the operational HPP can be found, together with the following information:
  • Do we have GPS coordinates of the water catchment
  • The river - Water body
  • Nearby City/Village
  • Municipality
  • River basin
2. Map of HPP
   The map displays the water catchments that we know of insofar - based upon the data, received from the River Basin Directorates.
  • Signatures:
    - marker='4:38' - We have pictures / NO PROBLEM
    - marker='4:46' - We have pictures / PROBLEM AVAILABLE
    - marker='4:49' - We don't have pictures
    Each marker leads to an HPP personal page.
3. HPP information
   Each HPP has its own personal ID number, displayed in front of the HPP name.
   The data for each HPP contains:
  • HPP name
  • Operator/Company
  • River
  • Water body
  • City/Village
  • Municipality
  • Nearby City/Village
  • Power (KW)
  • Catchment altitude (м)
  • Catchment coordinates (decimal)
  • E-flow below the catchment (l/sec)
  • Fish pass available
  • Fish pass type
   The RESULTS, display information about the visit on a certain day, was a signal send to MOEW or the RBD and what is the outcome.

   Some of the water catchments' coordinates and other data, received from the RBDs,  are mistaken or imprecise - we cannot guarantee for them.
   Some of the HPP on the list have no coordinates, there are a few operational HPPs that are not uploaded yet, some new HPPs were set into operation quite recently.  
   Some points are assigned to reservoirs or equalizers that are not on a river and the water in these cases is delivered by derivation channels.

   It is strongly recommended for the coordinates to be checked at the first visit.
   If a water catchment is misplaced, send us the correct GPS coordinates, please'''.

   A list of the detected so far errors can be found here - Detected errors

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