INSTRUCTIONS on sending signals about discovered problems and legal violations
  • І. Forwarding a signal to MOEW
 Everyone who wishes to send a signal about a problem can do it in one of the following ways:
  • 1. To the „green” phone at MOEW – 02 988 82 05 – leaves a message to the officer on duty.
    Please register the name of the officer receiving the signal and the date. On the platform of MOEW – under the green phone there is a link to "Actions taken" – the action taken can be checked there.
    Communication is loaded a month or two after the signal.
  • 2. On the web site of MOEW – section "Contact US"
  • 3. An e-mail to – – you can attach pictures & videos to the e-mail for proof.

The best way is to follow steps No1 and No3 together, holding the e-mail for proof. You can also mail a traditional letter with a return receipt.

  • ІІ. Forwarding a signal to the Basin Directorates.

For the purpose it is necessary to know the management Basins of each Basin Directorate.

The Directorates' full titles & contacts are:

  • 1. West Aegean River Basin Directorate /WARBD/
    E-mail -
    Green phones:
    GSM: 0889 288 807
    Phone: 073 88947130, 073 88 29 92
  • 2. East Aegean River Basin Directorate /EARBD/
    E-mail -
    Blue phone: 032/ 62-15-52
  • 3. Basin Directorate Danube Region /BDDR/
    E-mail -
    Green phones:
    GSM: 0886 330 485
    Phone: 064 885 100
  • 4. Basin Directorate Black Sea Region /BDBSR/
    E-mail -
    Phone: +359 52 687 455
    Control Department director - phone: +359 52 687 445

Complaint instructions
   The complaint can be in a free text, holding a description of the situation on site.
   A Complaint template can be taken from the following HPP pages:
 You can change the text acc. to the circumstances. If you are not sure - for example, in the minimum water quantity - just say that there is very little (or no) water in the river, if it really is. You may also use any other free text you consider appropriate.

  Always specify if the visit is carried out at high water in the river!

 Attach the photos / videos and send the signal. Send it also to us, together with the photos, to upload the info on the page of the HPP.

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