What to shoot?
  • Shooting instructions for pictures:
    • A photo of the river at the influx into the water catchment - to show the lake and how much water is coming from upstream .
    • A photo of the river below the water catchment - to show how much water is released and the barrage /the picture is taken from the river bed towards the barrage/
    • A photo of the barrage - at the exit of the fish pass /to show the water in the upper pool of the fish pass and the water level in the lake/
    • A photo of the entire fish pass - if possible, use an item to scale the whole thing.
    • A photo af the Fish pass entrance - to display the water released into the river and the shape of the bottom Fish pass pool.
  • Shooting instructions for videos:
    • Videos should catch all the above issues that have to be shown on the pictures.
    • Move the camera slowly and do not make long clips, please. Usually some 15 seconds videos will do.
When to shoot?
  • Always during low water periods. During high water, usually there are no problems as the water flows over the barrage.
  • IMPORTANT - There are exceptions - sometimes problems occur even during high water - for example - the fish pass can be blocked with something nonetheless.

 Although water catchments are built on rivers (public state property acc. to the Water Act), many of these facilities have a special access regime. Please follow the same as well as the safety and public behavior rules. Some parts of the water catchments may also be located in privately owned properties.
  • Do not enter private property, do not jump over fences, do not damage barriers, facilities a. o.
  • Follow the instructions of the security if there is such.
  • When visiting a water catchment, be particularly careful about a possible abrupt water discharge!
    Sometimes lakes are extremely dangerous because of depths, steep banks and rapid currents.
  • Do not take risks to make a better shot!
 The platform developers do not encourage you to take risks and will not take any responsibility for your actions, regardless of your motivation. Please do not be too brave and remain calm, never mind the crime against nature you may possibly be watching. There are other better ways to pay back.

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