Terms of use

 Anyone who wants to help with the described activity ( About ) and our ideal objectives for the protection of the Bulgarian rivers:
You guarantee that you have read and agreed to these terms of use.'
 Anyone wishing to help guarantees that they will not have a claim of any kind to the Organizations participating in the initiative and cannot hold them responsible for hers/his actions, damages or lost profits, including in connection with visits to the locations, described in this site, in connection with wrong coordinates or other data you have found on the same.

 Participation in the initiative for the preservation of the Bulgarian rivers is free and voluntary. This is the collective action of responsible citizens, filled with conscience and good faith. The objectives of the initiative are ideal and in the public interest, namely the protection of public interest, laws and, in particular, nature.
Submitting contents
 By submitting contents (materials, texts and / or images) through which you support the initiative:
  • You agree that contents to be published and accept that it could be edited, removed, modified, transmitted and displayed.
  • You grant the Organizations participating in the Initiative, free of charge and non-exclusive permission to reproduce, publish and distribute the content you publish in printed and online editions.
  • You agree that the content that you provide, to be used and processed for scientific, administrative, communication or legal actions for the purpose of protecting the rivers in Bulgaria.
  • You are free to republish this content, where You or its owner would like to and in any form.
  • You guarantee the origin and the author of the content. You warrant that you have permission, or you are authorized by the owner of the material, to send it to us.
  • You guarantee that the submitted information is correct and is not presented in misleading or manipulative way.
  • You warrant that materials, texts and / or images (including photos) do not contain confidential information or openly affect the interests of third parties as long as they act within the law.
About the organizations participating in the initiative
 Organizations participating in the initiative:
  • Do not collect personal information about the people who submit contents unless it is with the knowledge of these persons, with their explicit consent and within the limits set by them. The data is only used for the purpose of identification and contact with these persons.
  • Will not publish or disclose to third parties your data such as name, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc., unless you have expressed explicit consent. The web site of the initiative page does not imply that the authors of content are mentioned, unless they wish.
  • Reserve the right to contact You in order to clarify specific facts and circumstances in relation to the content You submit, the object You have visited and the legal /or administrative/ action You have undertaken.
  • Reserve the right not to publish or to destroy without notice materials, texts and / or images (including photographs) if they consider that this content does not meet any of the conditions set forth herein.
  • Are not responsible for damages as a result of trusting information or other content posted on the Site. They are not responsible for subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources of this site.
  • Are not responsible for damages as a result of Your actions to support the initiative.
  • For the purposes of subsequent publishing on other web sites or printed editions of the contents You have submitted, they will put all reasonable endeavor to indicate the author by name or alias, according to his or her preferences. If you wish Your name to be mentined, please let us know.
  • Are distributors (and not publishers) of content provided by third parties. Any complaints and opinions expressed or provided by third parties are those of the respective authors and not of the Organizations.
  • Do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the content, or its suitability for particular purposes.

 Reproduction and copying of materials from this site, including on current economic, political or religious themes, without the prior consent of any of the organizations behind the initiative, is forbidden. Everyone has the right to use the site of the initiative for non-commercial purposes only.

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